Rehan Siddiqui from Houston a Supportive Person

Rehan Siddiqui From Humtumradio

Rehan Siddiqui From Hum Tum Radio

Rehan Siddiqui from Houston the Owner & CEO Of HumtumRadio is a Married Person. Rehan is very Supportive person, Always comes first to support other. Begin a successful business man  he always involves himself in charitable activities like sponsoring community events, seminars, talks and workshops on topics like immigration, health and taxes. He volunteers to announce free events of the non-profit organizations, NGO etc.

Dealing with the complexities of a business has always been thrilling for Rehan. “I love challenges in everything I do. I surmount one and look out for another,” he admitted, almost in a childlike manner.

His overzealous nature sometimes prompted him to take up projects that proved disastrous. “I don’t really consider them as failures but sound investment in experience,” he said as if coming to terms with his setbacks. “My eagerness to always be one step ahead of everyone had taught me to push myself harder beyond human endeavor,” he said. “I don’t just set high goals I work toward them-sometimes twenty hours a day,” he said with conviction.

There are some who think of him as a ‘grabber’, an opportunist. But for most Dallas residents, he is that loveable kid who grew up in their neighborhood. “I am truly grateful for the tremendous support of the people of my community who have helped me unconditionally,” Rehan said, re-miniscing on his teenage days when he made his first attempt at marketing at the age of fourteen. “What really matters right now is that I remain focused and carry out the task as best as I can” Rehan said in his interview with Image India News.

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