Rehan Siddiqui Houston Texas

About Rehan Siddiqui President & CEO HumtumRadio

Imagine yourself standing on a slow revolving stage in a spacious hall. That’s the feeling you get when you are within a ten feet radius of Rehan Siddiqui, President & CEO HumtumRadio. He can leave you dizzy with wonder as to who and what could have led to his phenominal achievement in the broadcasting media at a young age.

Operated various major radio stations that he captured over the last 12 years, Rehan Siddiqui has become a household name in Dallas, from where he airs, round the clock, community radio programs on 1480 AM,1150 AM, 950 AM, 850 AM, popular as Desi Zone and 950 AM for South Asian listeners.

Today, he has the monopoly on desi radio stations and has been enjoying this status since he first started in 1999. Rehan Knows & Understand the pulse of Asian community & giving them a voice and a sense of identify.

Besides being at the realm of the entertainment world in Dallas, the young business tycoon (Rehan Siddiqui) also involves himself in charitable activities like sponsoring community events, seminars, talks and workshops on topics like immigration, health and taxes. He volunteers to announce free events of the non-profit organizations, NGO etc.

Since his Desi Masala days which he started in 2001, Rehan has come a long way. “Today, Dallas-Fort Worth is the first city in the world to have three stations dedicated to Desi programs 24 hours a day,” said Rehan proudly.

Today you can listen Rehan Siddiqui at


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